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ERD Pyrotechnics Safety and Legal Awareness Course

January 26, 2019
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Bleeding Art Industries
Bay 3, 3815 61 Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta

Bleeding Art Industries’ Leo Wieser is one of only a few certified course providers of the Pyrotechnics Safety and Legal Awareness Training Course and is the only one with a motion picture background teaching it. With over fifteen years’ experience on film sets, and over twenty-five in theatre, he brings a well-rounded background and rich experience and examples to the course.

The use of Special Effect Pyrotechnics crosses over a wide and varied number of fields. Most are described for use in the entertainment industry; however, some also use it for experimentation and simulation. A pyro-technician reproducing a witch’s appearance during a stage play, a senior pyro-technician creating dramatic visual effects in a rock concert, a special effects technician simulating the destruction of structures in a film scene; all these people are using pyrotechnic special effect devices and require certification under Canadian Federal law. To use Display Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Special Effects, you must be certified by Natural Resources Canada.

The first step to certification is successfully completing this Pyrotechnics Safety and Legal Awareness Course. Upon completion you can then apply to ERD to obtain a base level Operators Certificate. The course we are offering is part of the “certified” course provider program and is a combination of the basic materials offered in the ERD courses as well as the years of experience and knowledge of Bleeding Art industries.

The course includes:

  • Classroom theory of entertainment pyrotechnics

  • Legal awareness of the ERD requirements

  • A brief overview of the Alberta Safety codes

  • Practical demonstration of basic entertainment pyrotechnic devices

  • A copy of the Special Effects Pyrotechnics Manual

  • A test (In order to qualify as a Pyrotechnician you must successfully complete this course and pass a written test (>70%), at which time you will receive a Course Completion Certificate. You can then apply to the Explosives Regulatory Division to obtain your Fireworks Operator Certificate. The cost to obtain your Certificate is paid to Natural Resources Canada and is a separate fee from the actual course. Certificate is valid for 5 years from date of issue.

  • A certificate of completion

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