From the deserts of Afghanistan, to the battlefields of feudal Japan to a trendy restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calgary is a chameleon able to play a wide spectrum of roles.

While best known for our majestic, awe-inspiring scenery central to the imagery and imagination evoked by the frontier of the untamed west, Calgary's remarkably diverse geography and vibrant urban settings make it a very popular setting for a vast range of productions. Within a three hour radius of the Calgary Film Centre, a filmmaker can experience the prairies, the Badlands, the Rocky Mountains and 2 large municipalities.

Calgary’s locations will inspire your creativity.

For assistance with filming in Alberta, please contact:

Luke Azevedo
Film, Television & Creative Industries
Chief Operating Officer, Calgary Film Centre

1 (403) 221-7868

“Alberta, simply put, is a film and television-maker’s dream” 
— Anson Mount, Hell on Wheels - Thank You Letter to Calgary, July 2016