Crew racing the clock to cross Canada and capture its heritage rivers for short film

Film crew will hit 14 heritage rivers in 12 days.

A crew of adventure filmmakers are racing to destinations across the country capturing footage of Canadians singing the national anthem while riding some of its protected rivers.

The country's heritage rivers will be featured in a new pan-Canadian short film that celebrates the importance of dozens of waterways stretching throughout the nation's landscape.

The ambitious shooting schedule will have the crew hit 14 rivers in 12 days. Segments from each group's rendition of the national anthem will later be stitched together in a video that features the full song and takes viewer to every location.

The film, which is the brainchild of Molly Demma, executive director of the St. John River Society, will be prominently featured on Parliament Hill throughout the summer.

"I really hope that it comes across as a love letter to Canada from our rivers," she told CBC News. "I hope it will remind people just how important our rivers are."