Calgary: Award-winning production epicentre

As the production home of major series like Netflix’s Black Summer, FX’s Fargo, SyFy’s Wynonna Earp, and the upcoming motion picture Rust City (a.k.a. Ghostbusters 2020), Calgary has proven itself a favourite when it comes to providing the perfect backdrop for film and TV projects.

The Calgary Film Centre is at the epicentre of this hustle and bustle, serving as a trusted partner to these and over 600 other film, television and digital production projects that made the City of Calgary their home in 2018 alone.

“We service projects of all different sizes from indie to commercial, from small to large, and full-budget projects,” notes Calgary Film Centre Business Development Manager Erin O’Connor. “The Film Centre and the jurisdiction have been able to service individual client needs very well. We try to be a no-surprise jurisdiction and stand on
our reputation.”