Calgary filmmaker Ted Stenson heads back to school with Andrew Phung for indie debut

Set in Calgary circa 1999, Events Transpiring is a deadpan comedy inspired by Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused, Wes Anderson’s Rushmore and the starker work of European directors such as Ruben Östlund and Michael Haneke. The low-budget feature, which is Stenson’s debut, was the only Alberta project selected for the 2018 Telefilm Talent to Watch program. He has an playwriting degree from the University of Calgary’s MFA Theatre Program and is the son of renowned Alberta novelist Fred Stenson. But he was also a high-school athlete who played basketball at Queen Elizabeth High School. In fact, producer Nicola Waugh is keen to point out Stenson’s somewhat geeky Class of 2001 grad picture that is on display down the hall. All 15 days of the summer shoot will be done on location at the school. Queen Elizabeth has been rechristened Middleview for the film, but beyond that apparently did not require much in the way of movie-set alteration to believably become a high school from 20 years ago.